I have always enjoyed science and math. I began my college career studying mechanical engineering, but ultimatly decided to study science. I earned my degree in biochemistry and went back to school to earn my masters in teaching. I began teaching biology and chemistry in 2008 as a new teacher. I was then asked to teach geometry and algebra. After a year of teaching math, I helped create and teach the Physical Science curriculum, while also beginning to teach Advanced Physics. I have been working to update the physics curriculum to include the use of more student centered learning with technology and Chromebooks. I have also been asked to begin teaching the new AP Physics 1 curriculum. Additionally, I have developed an Introductory Computer Science course that includes the study of HTML, Excel, and Java. I really enjoy teaching at Jacobs High School and always look forward to each day spending time with students and showing how fun science really can be.



I have a wonderful wife, Amy, and together we have three awesome kids Ella, James and Luke. Ella will always let me know she is the princess, James loves Star Wars and the Chicago Blackhawks while Luke will attempt to cause all of the trouble. We also have a Great Dane, Murphy, that always seems to be in the way.